Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Dark World Book Covers


One of the covers I did for my first book in the Xavier Delacroix Series entitled, The Dark World.
When I found that picture, my eyes widened and I gasped immediately. She matches the main antagonist, Eleanor Black to a T. It made me extremely happy to see the final outcome.

Yet, knowing my book is not mainly about Eleanor as far as the story goes, I was hard pressed to find another picture that could better depict the main protagonist: Xavier Delacroix.

Here's what I came up with:


I admit, it isn't all flashy and eye-catching, but it has the sublime grittiness that I believe the first book holds. And hell...he's holding a sword. That's enough for me. If you read the book you'd know what significance that sword holds to the story. Either way, I like them both and am hard pressed to choose which one I prefer.

Eye-catching beauty that does nothing to showcase the story, or lone Vampire, armored-up, sword in hand, looking down as the world around him is rent into chaos, sans eye-catching beauty?

Which one do you prefer my fellow writers?

-Sheron Parris