Charming, collected, and brimming with deserved confidence, Tristian Caldwell is the lawyer everyone wants on their case: the D.A.'s office is continuously knocking down his door leaving him offers he can't refuse. 

But when a mysterious woman storms into his office one hot summer night leaving him nothing but two bits of ancient paper dressed with odd symbols before high-tailing it out of there, he realizes he has to refuse:

He can't get her out of his mind. Visions of her trapped within water continue to assail him and he knows he has to find her, has to save her before she is harmed further.

For there is more to the world than he had ever known...and more things within it than he had ever dared to believe in. And unfortunately for him, these things want him as well, and not because of his track record.

With more incredibly unsettling surprises in store, Tristian Caldwell is forced to learn what it really means to defend himself, not just in the courtroom but also in the real world


Sylvia Gallagher is an Enchanter. But that's what they used to be called. She prefers the term 'Magical-Handler,' though no one else does.

There was a time when Enchanters were the Vampires' playthings, doing the spells they couldn't do, enchanting jewelry so that the Vampires could exist in the sunlight. But there was a war, and all of that quickly changed.

Now scarce, there are but a few known Vampires in existence. And these few have been looking for any means to life at the cost to others.... And unfortunately for Slyvia, she has this very means right around her neck: An enchanted necklace handed down from her grandfather that pulses heavily whenever she near another Enchanter, and she soon finds it pull dragging her to New York City - where a group of Vampires barely thrive.

Nowhere is safe, but pressed to find another to share the burden of power, she dodges Vampires until the pulse is deafening and carries her to a lawyer's office.

She drops off the necessary papers as she must but can hardly stop and explain anything: the Vampires were closing in.

Finding herself trapped shortly after she leaves the office, Sylvia quickly transfers her magic to the man she'd just left, binding him to her.

For she will need someone to find her where she's going....

But she's not prepared for what happens when he does find her.

For it seems he's using power of his own. And she can't resist the pull.