Saturday, January 21, 2012

So. A Photoshoot. Writing. And Snow. (And School And Work)

I recently did a photoshoot (my friend, the talented Paul Bentsen was my photographer) and I'm glad I did it because not only did it help me get more comfortable in front of the camera (a necessity if I desire to act), but it did give me some cool pictures to possibly use for the back cover of my books.

Here's a few of the photos from the shoot, the rest are on my tumblr, which you can find here.

It's been great fun, honestly. :)

So it started snowing last night apparently. I wake up to see this outside my window:

Lovely, isn't it?

And as for writing. Well, the other day, I chalked up a whole chapter-worth of stuff, the character's came along nicely and everything went incredibly amazing...yet now I'm in a slump once more. Well I wouldn't call it a slump, persay, just...I wrote several chapters out a long time ago and now that I'm going back and writing it straight through, I'm trying to figure out exactly how to mesh the chapters I did long ago to the ones I have now.

It's a bit of a job. :)

Here's a little sneak peek of what I'm working with:


And with all this talk of writing, I really need to get back to it! :)

I've work tomorrow (don't know how I'm getting there in this snow), and school starts Monday. :) Eeep. Three classes. English, Math, and Acting.


Friday, January 6, 2012

So One Of My Followers On Tumblr...

Wanted me to read some of their work, as I'm a writer. I go 'sure, toss it on over to my email.' After a bit of my laptop freezing up, I finally settle in to reading it. Now, I wasn't looking for amazing grammar or whatever, but I was CERTAINLY NOT expecting to be tossed off my bed by the sheer AMAZINGNESS of what I read.

Short, crisp sentences, a very believable dialogue, but most of all, a very disturbed main character, and an ending he very well deserves.

I won't post it here because I will respect his privacy, when he wants to post it up for the world to view, I'm sure he will. But nothing has MOVED me like that in a while. It seriously threw me for a serious loop. The moment I got to the big 'twist,' my eyes rapidly canvassed the screen for more.

It was that damned good.

I told him this and I told him he needs to write more - perhaps a book. Because if he does, I will be the first person lining up to buy it, I assure you.

I love the pangs of sheer inspiration other writers/artists can provide. It's exceptional to get out of one's own head for a while and  read something that moves one, be it to disgust, or sheer incredulity.

Whatever works.

-S.C. Parris.
Author of The Dark World: A Delacroix Novel

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today Is Not A Good Day

I shouldn't even be blogging, but I should keep this current, or at least try to.


As far as writing goes, I've successfully written several thousand words over the past few days (that have also been terrible). I suppose this says something about my writing - I only write well when I'm upset. Lol.

Who knows.

S.C. Parris - Author of The Dark World: A Delacroix Novel (Opens in new window)