Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great Night's Sleep

So I finally -- after not really sleeping all week -- had a great night's sleep last night. My friend Paul came over and I showed him The Rocky Horror Picture Show (to my immediate horror, I was SHOCKED to learn he had never seen it before), and then we watched Alice in Wonderland (2010) before he went home. Once he left, I immediately went to bed as the week at college had rendered me absolutely exhausted.

However, I woke up at ten o'clock, absolutely well rested and able to get on with life. There was just one question -- what would I do? It was true I had textbooks to read, work to complete...etc. But I found I'd rather learn from the teacher than read from a textbook (which is odd because I love to read). Yes, not even the interesting textbook of Psychology could interest me in the words beyond the "interesting" cover page. (Image above)

Yet alas, I am shifting through the tomes of work (namely Geography right now) and I'm rather bleh about the whole thing. I don't know what's wrong with me. Either it be just laziness or general lack of care. Something's changed in me -- hmmmm.

Either way, last night I tried to write some of my book. I fleshed out a key point in the story -- or what I thought was a key point in my story, but alas, now I'm considering changing it completely. Why are we writers such fickle, perfectionists?

I know I am not the only one.

Your work...your child, as it were, must be honed and perfected, before anyone's eyes can lay upon it (beside the obvious critic or fellow writer friend), and then it must be edited, edited, and edited again until you are absolutely exhausted with its words.

Or're one of those that writes with ease, doesn't fret over anything, and just sits there, content with the finished project?

However you write, is it not the best part about writing -- the actual writing? -- the forming of the words, the story? And even though it may be filled with grammatical errors and just general ridiculousness, you can't help but go back to it -- always and try to figure out how the story goes (for I do not know -- I figure that out when I sit down to write). But perhaps, it would do me good, no, to perhaps write out an outline for this story? (For whoever said that a sequel was easier to write than its predecessor?)

My tea's gone cold. -_-

I must procrastinate elsewhere. Ta-ta for now my lovely friends.

-Sheron Parris

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everything New

I've started college recently. Have to say it's rather fun, but it's only been the first week, I won't hold out that it can get worse as the semester continues. However, all of my focus is on a trip to Florida I am taking in February for a week. I'm going to spend the week with a very old friend and we're celebrating his birthday. A trip to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure...and all the madness inbetween. I can't wait to see him again. It's going to be a wonderful reunion.

Now, for the writing. Honestly, I haven't been writing much -- nothing came out right, and if it did, I found I couldn't continue writing it. I've found that when things in my life aren't straightened out, any sort of creative communication I wish to express gets tangled and caught up and I am unable to express myself. Negative energy, eh?

Regardless, I'm still writing, even currently (just set aside time to type up this blog post), and I've gone way back to the beginning of the sequel, to pan everything out, flesh out the story, introduce new characters, express characters and their motives, and just general start the ball rolling in a way that would get me -- and anyone else -- to want to keep reading it.

I'm absolutely exhausted so I'm going to finish typing up these scene and head to bed. Oh, and yes, I've changed the layout of my site. What do you think?

-Sheron Parris