Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Anxiety Attack and Figuring Things Out

Yes, I've had another one last night. Need I mention that yesterday I spent all day at the college trying to register for classes, only to realize that I didn't have the proper financial aid to pay the 700 odd dollars for said classes. I was given 'till midnight to pay online but needless to say that didn't happen.

And I was getting all worked up over joining the Creative Writing club and doing this and that within the college but it wasn't meant to be, I'm sure of that. I had a minor anxiety attack that was forthcoming [I could feel it all day] and it escalated when my mother said "You had all summer and you didn't do anything." Yes, mother, I didn't do anything then, because I wasn't 100% that I wanted to go to college.

If anything, now I have enough time to gather myself, what I need...etc. in order to register for January (if I still wish to go, then). By then, I'll have my license and I'll have my head on right...I do hope.

These few months I've been blessed with, I really need as my life has been spiraling somewhere that I don't know is sane. Whatever. I haven't touched my book in DAYS (feels like weeks), so I believe I'll try to tackle that right now. (Sigh)

My Vampires have reached the second city they need to get to in order to find the book they need. Is it there? Who knows. I'm going to figure that out right now.

Take it easy, m' dears.

Sheron Parris

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bad News All Around?

My Aunt died. Like earlier today.

I can't even...I'm in pure shock.

I'm going to go see my cousin later on or in fact, tomorrow. But for now [sigh].

I can't even....

Take care. Stay safe. Stay healthy you lovely people.

Sheron Parris

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anxiety Attack, Release, New Beginning

I had a severe anxiety attack last night brought on by the male parental telling me that I "need serious fucking help," (I kid you not) and other insane things I've been keeping bottled up for so long. They couldn't last within me anymore and that was it:
  • Nausea
  • Insane migraine
  • Pain in the mouth and throat WITH the migraine
  • And crying brought on by the fact that I hated what was happening to me, and the migraine SUCKED, and the pain sucked -- which only made the pain worse and made me cry MORE. 
I thought I was going to die, but here I am, I feel freer, amazing, great, fantastic, as though I'm not "tied" down by anything more as I did before.

*I went to the doctor and he just gave me Tylenol. What the hell is that? I HATE medication and knew he wouldn't be able to single out the issue before I went. [Sigh] Why don't I listen to myself more? Would've saved me twenty bucks. 

[Deep breath]

I haven't written anything as of late because of the slew of things that have happened recently but I'm sure I'll get to my sequel tomorrow. I've had it open for days and haven't stared at it once. Kind of odd for me. But whatevs. My personal life needs a drastic re-haul. I've decided to focus on my health for the time being, because it's important, no?

Oh, and I got another rejection today guys. Woo!

Seriously, rejection is amazing. Suckish, yes, but that only means that I have more time to understand myself, my writing, where I want this series to go, and what I want to do with it before I try again. Freedom, no?

And have you guys been clued into the weird weather as of late? The storms over here, NY, in the end of August (pretty weird), and I heard there was some fire tornado in Brazil, and TWO water SPOUTS in the ocean. What the hell is going on?

I actually like this insanity. It's...refreshing. New.

Stay lovely.
I need some sleep to recharge (still feeling pretty weak).

-Sheron Parris

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

College, Home, and Solace

I was literally forced to go up the nearest community college and register for classes. I took the placement exam, as per usual, aced English [a-duh], I was exempt from Reading for amazing SAT scores, and I got TWO remedial Math classes. (What can I say, I hate Math.) And here I am, I don't know how many hours later wondering just what in the world I'd gotten myself into.

At any rate, I'm glad to be back home, if only for some sleep, and to wake up to head back to my old high school, get the transcript, go back to the college and register officially. (Sigh) I keep repeating to myself: I am happy, I am happy, I AM happy....

Of course it's not true but I've grown up placing my happiness on the back seat for others, I know it's wrong now because I'm all unwilling to "step out into the world," because quite frankly, I see the world as complete shit and yes, I DON'T wish to be apart of it. That said, I like the college. It's nice, and if I can get some good writing classes and theater, I don't give a shit what else I get.

Now, on the to the writing:

My true friend in this time of retardation (is that word, I think it's a word). Writing, my aid in a time of turmoil. (Heavenly sigh). Oh sweet writing. [Dances in mid-air while wielding black roses.] 

Because that's how writing makes me feel. -_-

Ahem, yes, in lieu of finally making some sense, I'll begin with this: I've reached Chapter 20 in my sequel...[holds for applause]...and now I've no idea where else to take it. A lot more must happen...it's just the working out of GETTING those things to happen. I find myself REALLY wanting to skip ahead and just write the goddamn ending already. ;) {Who's with me?}

And now, [clearing throat], I speak more on character development and plot, whereas I would if I knew what the hell I was talking about. I've a headache the size of Mount Rushmore, I feel as though I'm being pulled in 20 directions, and I can't even face my book right now (please tell me I'm not the only one).

Thus, I leave and find solace in tea, the television (damn you corporate America), and the last Harry Potter (reading for the 20th time I think. I'm at the end and it's so terribly horrible. That said I CAN'T WAIT for the first part of the ending -- the movie, I mean. Expect a full review when I go see it.)

[Waves hand to fellow lovely writers.]

Tra la la.

Sheron Parris

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Haven't Blogged In Days...

Because life has gotten in the way, but I've truly reflipped, revamped, and re..did? a few chapters in my sequel and the story's moved along awesomely. I've decided not to focus on the romance between two characters, but center it on something else...namely action.

And for once I applaud the excessive action in my book -- it's helped to smooth things along easily. This is a short post, as I've a short attention span right now and feeling like doing something else.

So off I go. To read books probably. Or to write.

Sheron Parris

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Entering Contests and Submitting to Literary Magazines

Ron L. Hubbard's Science Fiction/Fantasy Contest. I entered pieces of my novel. Edited it, obviously. Here's to hoping for that.
And also I've been looking for literary magazines to submit work to. I've found a few and submitted work thusly. Here's to building an anthology of my work, eh?

[Sigh] I'm exhausted and don't feel well at all. Just came home from a barbeque and my aunt who's been reading my book online, told me she liked it...etc. I'm glad. Just wish it wasn't online as everyone complains about their eyes hurting after a few minutes to 30. [Sigh] Eh.

I need some sleep.

Stay saucy you lovely writers.

Sheron Parris

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Query Letter

[Gasp - shriek - cry - cringe]

The dreaded query letter is below. But before we get to that, I feel I must explain what it took for me to get there in the first place. When I first came to the world of publishing, agents, query letters, proposals, and rejections, I was a naive little girl who'd just written a horrible first draft, hadn't edited it at all, and wanted to know what had to be done to get my book published. So I Googled. And boy did I Google. And the more I Googled, the more my anxious, naive countenance fell. Hard.
All of the apparent work and whatnot that apparently went into getting an agent was a far cry away from what I'd thought it'd be. I stepped away from the world of publishing and went back to my manuscript and decided to make it more marketable for the sake of attracting ANYONE besides family and friends. It took about a year or two before I was truly happy with what I'd uncovered beneath the horrible first draft. And then (now) I was ready to try again, this time with a smarter mind about everything, knowing what to expect. (I'd been rejected once and LOVED IT. It was so liberating. Can't explain it. But of course, that Query letter was absolutely horrid as I couldn't pinpoint the main plot of my story. I KNOW. How horrible, right?)

Now that I have pinpointed the main part of my story, I have moved on to the sequel, and I have understood more about what my series can bring to the world of writing. I've decided upon my target audience, and though I'm well aware my word count is far too much for a first time author, I'm still sending this out there. (Word count can be cut down later -- I want to see if an agent loves my story first.)

So, here is my query letter. Note that I don't have any credentials, and have just left a sentence thanking the agent and stating that I am more than happy to send a few chapters or the entire manuscript at their request.

Tell me your thoughts:

Dear Big Name Agent from Big Name Literary Agency,

When Dracula’s secrets are discovered, the Dark World shall never be the same.

Set in 18th century London, England, THE DARK WORLD tells the story of vampires, lycans, elves, and other unearthly creatures as they fight for dominance in a world shielded from the eyes of humans. At 130,000 words, it is complete; a historical fantasy set in the vein of ROWLINGS’S HARRY POTTER and TOLKIENS’S THE LORD OF THE RINGS, that is sure to enrapture vampire enthusiasts as well as young and old adults of all kinds.

When Vampire Order member Eleanor Black is brutally murdered, Xavier Delacroix is left to answer everyone's questions -- including his own. Dracula remains as elusive as ever and only continues to quell Xavier’s questions until the night Eleanor Black reappears. She is extremely different, with a terrifying new power: one that allows her to take the form of a vampire, as well as a lycan whenever she desires. And she only wants one thing: for Dracula’s secrets to be known far and wide…along with Xavier’s undying love, of course. But he is not certain he can leave Dracula’s protection in pursuit of her newfound knowledge. Especially when he finds himself next in line to rule the Dark World. And it is here that Dracula’s secrets come to light at the expense of an untimely death, leaving Xavier to rule a World he never truly knew, to battle a creature the Dark World has never before seen, and to find the one book that can guide him to his truth.

Book 2 of an intended series, THE IMMORTAL’S GUIDE is currently in completion and continues the story of Xavier’s fight for truth and control in a world that is falling into the graces of Eleanor Black. There shall be two more books after the second to complete the series.

Thank you for you time, and if you are interested, I can send a few chapters or the whole manuscript at your request.

Sheron Parris


So there, I've placed my fragile, waning soul out for all of the Blogosphere to ridicule. Give it to me straight, and don't be gentle. Please.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 Queries Sent Out Back to Back and Billy

Yes, it took a few hours of my time to relax and write a decent query letter, but once I summed up my book in one sentence, the true plot revealed itself and I could expand as necessary for the middle of my query. (Sigh) Wish me luck? I'm feel particularly snazzy about the queries I sent out, and I can't even think about being rejected or not. The only thing on my mind is "I have an agent, I just don't know him/her yet."

(sigh) I recently recovered a script I wrote entitled "Billy" that I'm super happy about. I wrote it sometime last year, or the year before, and it's as demented as I am, if not more. For "Billy" I took the age old "imaginary friend" we all have, and asked myself "What if "Billy" or "Bob" or what have you wasn't a friend? What if he/she were against you? Wanted your life?" Thus "Billy" was born.

It's about a teenage girl who has a girlfriend, yet also has another self, a subconscious if you will that has a mind of her own. Yes, Billy is a girl, folks. =] Everyone who's read it so far loves it, if only the skip over the girl-on-girl action -- well, if you count a girl kissing herself girl-on-girl action. Beh.

I'm absolutely exhausted. Sending out queries should be considered a job in itself, eh?

Good luck my fellow writers!
We've only but good times ahead of us!

Keep Writing.

Sheron Parris

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Death and Release - Writing That Flows

So I wake up feeling awfully cheery which is highly uncommon for someone who doesn't sleep until the sun comes up, I assure you. Rest assured, this cheeriness shall be put to good use, i.e., writing my sequel. I went back, revamped a few things, allowed some of the action to make sense in the plot-line of the story, killed someone off (rule number 10 if you get bogged down -- kill someone!), and things are moving along fantastically. Wonderful what a death does, even in a story, right? Clears the air sort of, and although the loss is there, well it only makes those who remain stronger for it. Right?
Or something.
I speak of course of my own grandmother's death earlier this year. The same day of my prom, actually. Devastating, yes, I didn't really allow it to sink in until the following days of prom where I cried my eyes out until the funeral (where I only cried some more). Also liberating in a way. Don't know how yet but I guess the fact that I've managed to get through a few months without seriously breaking down is a start.
Oi, this has gotten too personal.

I guess I mean to say, that if one of your characters die, and you have experienced a death of someone close to you, use that emotion, what that conjured, in your writing. And even if you haven't, don't be scared to give someone the axe as it were. You just may get farther than if that person remained alive, hindering you from writing freely.
Something about a light load. Hm.

So, yes, writing, I'm going back to that now. Happy reading, writing...etc.


So the lovely LReneeS is to interview me and I'm terribly excited. I'll keep you posted about that. A friend came over, and she is one of those that I share all of my writing with -- as I'm typing away, she's right there devouring everything I write -- [dances] and we shared some words, got to see each other face to face over pizza and soda and [sigh] writing. The most exhilarating thing in the world. So she's decided to make a fan club for me and my series[1][2], which I find...extremely flattering -- I find it amazing that someone likes my work so much they wish to dedicate a club to it -- and I'm not even published (novel-wise at least). Friends, eh?

So I found this site through way of one of LRenee's  interviewed authors, Julie Musil's blog, and she apparently writes like Stephen King! Haha. Awesome. I had to try this site out so I did and I apparently write like Dan Brown! Crazy, eh? Here's the link for I Write Like, enjoy it and share with me who it is you write like. You may be surprised.

Happy Writing.

Sheron Parris

Adding Blog to Other Sites

BAJ9ZF6HWJBS - Technorati claim token.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pages and Perhaps Too Much Character Development

So I've added pages to my first and second books. They both hold vague info on the books, what they entail, and the first book gives you the prologue. Happy reading with that.

And (sigh) I've been writing insanely as of late and I think there's a bit too much action in this book for the time-being. Perhaps I have to step away from the computer for a bit and then come back to it and read it all over, all...slow and interested, like I've never written it before, or something. Hope that works.

So I've cut down on my tea (for those of you who don't know, I'm a tea addict), because I believe I need a change or something. Bleh.

So I think I'm gonna get back to that writing now. Or maybe some tea and eggs...hmm.... (strokes chin thoughtfully)

Happy Reading...and Writing you lovely people.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes = Love

Oh My Godddd I've found the most amazing song! It's the first song in the playlist above and plays automatically. I've heard this song like a billion times on the radio but could never bother to look up the artist[s], so I finally did and now I can't stop playing it.
It's like the most perfect song ever. Makes me all warm and fuzzy and just...[SIGH]. It's PERFECT.
Hoooome, I'm coming hooome, home is wherever I'm with you. <3

[Dies] That song is amazing.
So yeah, I have a playlist up and thus, I am going to go back to my writing now. May upload the prologue of my first book in a page on this blog, and then the  first chapter or so of the sequel in its own different page. Agree? Or no?

Leave your comments.

And remember kiddies,
Home is wherever I'm with you. <3

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Charmed and Blazing Through Chapters

Just watched two episodes of Charmed today. Oh TV-themed-witchery. (sigh)

Anyway, I've written all of Chapter 15, which is miserably long, I think, and am currently writing the beginning/middle of Chapter 16. [squeals with excitement] Alexandria (the only female human in my story) is coming along greatly with characterization. I think my favorite things to write, besides all those action scenes, are the subtle romance scenes between her and Christian. It's so funny and cute to see the chemistry between these two characters, even if they don't see it themselves. They've been thrust together by the fate of...their world or something and they've no choice but to remain together because everyone else is far too busy to take care of her. It's hilarious, to me anyway.

So, I'm writing and must go back to do so.


Sheron Parris.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've been writing a lot of as late and have reached Chapter 15 of the sequel to The Dark World/A Change of Hands, my first Vampire novel.
So much has happened in the book and I quite like the fast pace. It's fast without being so "in your face, too much is happening and I can't get any of it." It's all action because the ease the Creatures used to face in the first book are now gone and Eleanor Black is terrorizing them, that, and personal problems are being brought to light, relations are being revealed, and just a lot is happening all around that I'm proud of. It's much darker than the first one, that's for sure.

I won't be posting any part of that book on this blog, if you want to read it you'll have to go to Authonomy and read it there.
The Link:

Enjoy. ;) I must go write some more.

Sheron Parris, tootles.