Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Death and Release - Writing That Flows

So I wake up feeling awfully cheery which is highly uncommon for someone who doesn't sleep until the sun comes up, I assure you. Rest assured, this cheeriness shall be put to good use, i.e., writing my sequel. I went back, revamped a few things, allowed some of the action to make sense in the plot-line of the story, killed someone off (rule number 10 if you get bogged down -- kill someone!), and things are moving along fantastically. Wonderful what a death does, even in a story, right? Clears the air sort of, and although the loss is there, well it only makes those who remain stronger for it. Right?
Or something.
I speak of course of my own grandmother's death earlier this year. The same day of my prom, actually. Devastating, yes, I didn't really allow it to sink in until the following days of prom where I cried my eyes out until the funeral (where I only cried some more). Also liberating in a way. Don't know how yet but I guess the fact that I've managed to get through a few months without seriously breaking down is a start.
Oi, this has gotten too personal.

I guess I mean to say, that if one of your characters die, and you have experienced a death of someone close to you, use that emotion, what that conjured, in your writing. And even if you haven't, don't be scared to give someone the axe as it were. You just may get farther than if that person remained alive, hindering you from writing freely.
Something about a light load. Hm.

So, yes, writing, I'm going back to that now. Happy reading, writing...etc.


So the lovely LReneeS is to interview me and I'm terribly excited. I'll keep you posted about that. A friend came over, and she is one of those that I share all of my writing with -- as I'm typing away, she's right there devouring everything I write -- [dances] and we shared some words, got to see each other face to face over pizza and soda and [sigh] writing. The most exhilarating thing in the world. So she's decided to make a fan club for me and my series[1][2], which I find...extremely flattering -- I find it amazing that someone likes my work so much they wish to dedicate a club to it -- and I'm not even published (novel-wise at least). Friends, eh?

So I found this site through way of one of LRenee's  interviewed authors, Julie Musil's blog, and she apparently writes like Stephen King! Haha. Awesome. I had to try this site out so I did and I apparently write like Dan Brown! Crazy, eh? Here's the link for I Write Like, enjoy it and share with me who it is you write like. You may be surprised.

Happy Writing.

Sheron Parris


  1. I have put you on my list of writers to interview. I'll interview you after I interview Lala. Thanks for the interest and I'll keep you posted.
    Happy writing,

  2. Glad your looking forward to it:)
    I know, I hate querying too because sometimes you never get a response back or you think you're not going to get a response and then you do and it's a negative one:( But we just have to keep trying, Sheron. One day all the query letters we sent out we'll be laughing about. (I just wish I could imagine that right now lol)
    Happy writing,