Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Anxiety Attack and Figuring Things Out

Yes, I've had another one last night. Need I mention that yesterday I spent all day at the college trying to register for classes, only to realize that I didn't have the proper financial aid to pay the 700 odd dollars for said classes. I was given 'till midnight to pay online but needless to say that didn't happen.

And I was getting all worked up over joining the Creative Writing club and doing this and that within the college but it wasn't meant to be, I'm sure of that. I had a minor anxiety attack that was forthcoming [I could feel it all day] and it escalated when my mother said "You had all summer and you didn't do anything." Yes, mother, I didn't do anything then, because I wasn't 100% that I wanted to go to college.

If anything, now I have enough time to gather myself, what I need...etc. in order to register for January (if I still wish to go, then). By then, I'll have my license and I'll have my head on right...I do hope.

These few months I've been blessed with, I really need as my life has been spiraling somewhere that I don't know is sane. Whatever. I haven't touched my book in DAYS (feels like weeks), so I believe I'll try to tackle that right now. (Sigh)

My Vampires have reached the second city they need to get to in order to find the book they need. Is it there? Who knows. I'm going to figure that out right now.

Take it easy, m' dears.

Sheron Parris


  1. I didn't know I wanted to go to college until I was 25 so you have time. Once you know it's for you, you'll knock the credits out quickly. I started taking 15 credits a semester and others took up to 18. You just need to have that really strong conclusion that this is what you want. Until then, like you said, get your license and take a few more months to just write, write, write because you can't get published if you don't have a book to sell, right? :)

  2. Remembering my first day registering at University I'm not surprised you ended up with a panic attack. If it was anything like the cattle market that purported to by my registration then I can really understand. *Shudder*

    Anyhoo... Taking some time for yourself sounds like the best idea. Get some writing done and then think about joining Creative Writing club later. Get your license and sort out the paperwork and then write some more!

    Seriously... I wanna read your writing, so please write? I'll even do the big, hopeful eyes thing.

    Relax and have some fun, that's what I would do.