Friday, December 30, 2011

Slightly Sick: Bed-Ridden and Writing / Special Edition Cover Sneak Peek

So I'm beyond not feeling too well, yet I have reason to smile. The Dark World: A Delacroix Novel is being viewed by more than just my friends and family (which was my only goal, to be honest), and is steadily increasing as word spreads.

I can't believe it.

It's available for Nook, and Barnes and Noble is currently selling the physical copy on their website, as is, and many other online and offline bookstores.

I'm waiting for my readers to finish it up, and all I asked was that they write their reviews from where they bought their copy.

I'm disbelief.

A book signing is scheduled at my local library for April next year and that is when I plan to unveil The Dark World: A Delacroix Novel's Special Edition.

The Special Edition comes with a sneak peek of the sequel, THE IMMORTAL'S GUIDE, something I plan to have finished by then.

I'm just overjoyed and cannot believe the response I've gotten, the support.

It's almost overwhelming.

And I have a co-authored novel in the works with a fellow friend of mine, so be out on the look for more news about that. :)

Happy writing!

-Sheron Parris (S.C. Parris)
And I figure I should put up the cover for the Special Edition: (After the jump.)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Dark World, a bright world, and blogging.

Just gonna keep this one short...ish.

That's my lovely friend with her copy of THE DARK WORLD. Been promoting it like crazy on Tumblr and Facebook, been getting a lot of interested responses, which is all but good. Asked my friend to write an honest review once she's done. Also, a lot of people are suddenly asking me about the publishing process. Having used CreateSpace and Smashwords, myself, I'm not sure I have any real advice to give. :) But I do my best.
And this, my friends, is a little excerpt from the book, that's been floating around the web for a while:

Excerpt from The Dark World: A Delacroix Novel - Chapter Three: Letters

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Someone Shoot Me - I've been out of commission for too long.

No more I say! I'm back, with a vengeance, might I add.

I've been a busy bee getting my book self-published. (Fellow family members and friends were hounding me for it for far too long!) So it's available on and my e-store.

Gotta update all my websites.

Oh and I started my first day of work yesterday. Working with kids is amazing.

-Sheron Parris

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review for The Dark World

So I log onto Facebook today, prepared to see what notifications await me, when I see a wall post on my wall from a friend who'd brought a copy of the Dark World a month ago.

This is her amazing review (I couldn't believe she wrote it, honestly.):

A truly amazing & inspired writer's fantasy of the "other world" of vampires has come to life in this mind-bending and hard-to-put-down book. You really see the characters come to life and the settings feel so incredibly realistic, it's like your very own movie. Creative, mysterious, suspenseful; all but boring. I literally have to snatch it away from my boyfriend so I can finish it.

I love it. The simple prolouge will have you hooked by page two.
This book earns a fabulous 5 STARS hands down !
It's simple, you'll look at other Dracula stories and movies in a completely different persective after reading The Dark World.

Kudos to a very good book.

And with that, I get some rest. Night, writers. :) It's things like that ^ that make me love what I do.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Late-night editing

I decided to pass the time by continuing my editing on The Dark World. It's going well thus far. I've realized how...terrible my writing was when I was 16 (and wrote the first draft of the The Dark World), and how I've now grasped the concept of showing the story, not telling it.

It's made writing such a joy, honestly.


Just wanted to do a quick update, I hope you all are well.

<3 Happy Writing.

By the way, my mind has been taken over by zombies. They are everywhere. My boyfriend is always playing some zombie game, I got him hooked on The Walking Dead (the tv show), and I finally got him to watch this anime that came out last year called Highschool of the Dead. It''s really annoying, now actually.

I don't know, zombies just don't do it for me. Doesn't help with the zombie nightmare every single night where I'm trying to run but feel as though I'm being miserably held back.

Anywho, yes, zombies are taking over everything in the media...etc. I'm not a fan. Vampires...always my cup of tea. They're just more...there's more of a story there depending on how you want to do it. With zombies...if you change it up too much, they're no longer zombies and there no longer becomes a point to them. Y'know?

I'm rambling.

Back to editing.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Editing The Dark World

It's going well enough. :D Watching The Powerpuff Girls as well which is doing wonders for my nostalgia.

Though I must stay, looking at my book after how many years and going about editing it in a different way, I'm awfully glad I'm editing it this final time. I've grown a lot as writer since I wrote the very first draft, so I find myself sighing heavily, highlighting what's wrong, and then quickly correcting it.

I hope others like it. By the second book, the story should make more sense. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011


I know I haven't updated in a while and I'll make time to update daily or at least every other day. I don't know. Anyway, I'm just here to say I'm still writing The Immortal's Guide, up to Chapter 13, glad of where it's going.

Now speaking about my books, the first one, The Dark World, has sold 5 copies currently and those who purchased a copy have agreed to write a review for it once they're finished it.

So that's that.
I'm currently in Florida, writing as much as I can. Currently job searching to pass the time and by January, I want to head to college.

That's about it, methinks. Thanks for reading. :D

And stop by the link up there to check out the book and see if you wanna buy it. Or not.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bit Stuck

Quite frankly, though, there are more important things than writing at the moment.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blog Name Change

Just had to happen. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Googling Yourself

So I'm awake...well more awake than I was just a few minutes ago and I decided to check up on my ebook, when I saw that Barnes & Noble had given it a star rating. When I went onto the site, however, there was no rating, no one had read it. (Which is to be expected.) :) But I was surprised to see, during my google search, that my book showed up here, on this site for ebooks, apparently mainly sold through Smashwords. I was initially shocked, and wanted to know why exactly this man was promoting my book, but apparently he does that for all ebook so (shrug). Also, the price he has there is the starting price I had first put and I'm wondering if I should lower the price back down to $2.99.

I think I may, because I got at least one sell with that price, with the new price of $9.99, no one is buying.

Now, moving on to life. I'm in Florida, currently job searching. Applied to the nearest Barnes and Noble, quite prepared to walk in again and state how much I want/need/would absolutely die for the job or just calling in. Hmm.

Either way, I applied elsewhere, though none of those jobs hold my fancy.

Anywho, I'm terribly happy, my health has definitely blossomed. Life is GOOD (we avoided a hurricane, although New York got the aftermath of an Earthquake, and now the hurricane is headed for them), and I couldn't be happier.

How are all of you?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cursed With Power - Publishing Deal!

Quick post to say a HUGE congratulations to LReneeS for the acceptance to her book Cursed With Power.

I started reading it today and I made it up to Chapter 7 until I read the news.

How exciting.


-Sheron Parris

Late-Night Editing

Editing The Dark World.

Just got in from Florida yesterday where I spent a heavenly 2 1/2 weeks with my lovely love, Brandon. Safe to say I got absolutely no writing done. :)

But now I'm home and the call to write (or in this case edit) is strong. I'm up to Chapter 10 of The Dark World and at this pace, I should be up to 15 by midday tomorrow.

But sleep is important so I  may cut it a bit short and pick up Chapter 10 tomorrow.

As for my other projects, Judgment has definitely been on my mind, and I've recieved interest in it from everyone who's eyed the cover - so I'm making it my 2nd priority to write it out and get an actually story going. :)

Of course, I'm still writing The Immortal's Guide, I just must write a bit of everything about the series out so I don't get bogged down by all the information in the series as a whole. (There's tons.)

Other than that, I had a lovely time in Florida, looking to move down there in September if all goes well, and live my life. :)

Also, finally saw the last Harry Potter, almost cried. Didn't. Proud.

Interested in the news of Borders closing its doors. Was it Borders? I think it was. Anywho, what I've gathered is that they took too long to jump on the ebook train as it left the station and couldn't keep up with sales.

It's all very interesting.

But this is me, going back to a few more sentences before I hit the hay.

Love you lovely writers, and LReneeS, I will get to your book asap. :) Promise.

Sheron Parris

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Proud of Myself

I'm up all hours of the night creating book covers for my book, getting inspiration for writing more in the process. Meanwhile, the reception to my Vampire novel, The Dark World is getting attention from family and friends and this is incredibly pleasing.
Also, can't help but feel as though my creative juices are OVERFLOWING. I'm incredibly pleased with the results of both The Dark World and Judgment.

You can buy the book as an ebook: here.

Do you like? 

Here's to hoping I get writing done on the plane on Wednesday. (Yes, it's back to Florida for me. :) )

Writing is incredible.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


So all day yesterday I rounded up some words on The Immortal's Guide, and am very pleased as to where I've left off. Chapter 14. :)
The flow is endless as in my writing, and I believe this book - the way it's shaping up currently - will be at least 30 chapters or so. Tons of information and whatnot. (Sigh)
So I wrote until I could write no more and I'm glad I did. Haven't done that in a long time.

As for life, it's fairly well. Everything's lovely.

Oh. Judgment. How could I forget? My lovely supernatural-romance novel. It's coming along pretty well though I am kind of stuck in the beginning. Not sure where I want to take it - well I have some ideas but eh...all is well. It'll work itself out soon, I'm sure.

Ah. Book covers. If any of you have any lovely friends who are exceptional with book covers, I'm looking for book covers for The Dark World and Judgment. If anyone is interested merely drop me a comment and I'll let you know what the book is about and how it pans out - how I would lie the cover to look.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Look, New Goals

So I recently took a leap and published my first vampire novel on Smashwords, and let me tell you, all I've been doing since then is formatting, formatting, formatting. I've been following the designated Smashwords guide for publishing an ebook with them, I've done all the steps repeatedly, starting over every couple of hours and I just can't seem to get this "font size error" I have with their software to go away so I can be suggested for Premium where my book is sent to all the major bookstores (not including Amazon).
Incredibly mind-boggling, and also extraordinarily frustrating, I can sympathize with why people would desire to go the trad route, but there's one thing I have to say about self publishing ones book - there's a definite sense of freedom and creativity. It's what you make it.
If it turns out to be riddled with errors and massively pigeoned holed, its YOUR travesty of a book that's out there for people to read. Hiring editors and revising, revising, is your best bet if you're really serious about your work.
You hear it all the time but it never becomes real to you until you're trying it yourself, "You must do for you."
I queried three agents at a time some months ago and received almost immediate responses from two (both were resoundingly positive though they couldn't take it on at the time) and I've never heard back from another.
So I've taken things into my own hands.
I've immensely creative friends who have been begging to do the cover or any illustrations I'd need for any of my books since I started writing the first Vampire one in 2004/5, and now, I'm glad to say I get to use their creative enthusiasm to put a good cover on my book.
While that's working itself out, I've gone back to X, the provocative, yet somehow still able to be YA novel I finished last year, and am re-reading it to see where I can pigeon hole it. So far it reads simply enough to be YA, the main character is a teenage girl, but the subject matter is...well...testy, so I'm not sure if I can even go ahead with it as it is now - I may have to change a lot of things.
And finally, I've started writing this lawyer-supernatural-romance-drama I've been talking about writing for weeks. My older brother is in law school and hearing about the cases he's witnessed and what he does at his internship at a D.A.'s office in the Bronx has really, really, motivated me to add that world to a book. So far I have the main character (male lawyer) and what I believe to be the other main character.
I have no name for her yet, and I'm not sure if she should be a Vampire or some other, otherwordly character, for, as I've said quite a few times, I can't just write a book to write a book.
It has to motivate me to want to keep writing.
And demons, vampires, witches, wizards, secret magical organizations...these things tickle my fancy.
So this woman has to be something of the sort.
And also the question of why she's at a lawyer's office if she's any of these magical things.
My creative juices are flowing. (In case you couldn't tell.) And I'd love to get started on Judgment more, but for now Smashwords is taking up all my time (as the book is published there yet it's still not viable to be placed in all the online bookstores Smashwords offers). And as such, I'm stuck in somewhat of a rut.
I'm thinking to just go ahead with CreateSpace or Lulu and get it over with.
I should've done this from the beginning, now that I think about it. I have a drive for owning my own business in any sense, and I love leading new enterprising projects, and spreading my art through them.
We'll see what happens as I keep my eyes toward the stars, but my heart in the books.

I've missed you all. How have all of you been doing?

-Sheron Parris

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Immortal's Guide (A Journey)

A journey, a constant journey it has been and will still be.

I recently kicked my butt into high gear with this book, having merely sat there before, ignoring it wholly though the ancient innate pull in my soul cried out in pain for my denying its feeding on my creativity.

I'm such a cruel mother. But no more will I abandon my child in search of lesser pleasures. Here and now I dedicate my time to finishing you, The Immortal's Guide, and by the end of this year, I shall be well versed in your words and sentences and onward to write The Two Swords, your consummate brother in this long tale that must be told.


You know one needs sleep when she begins to speak about her books as though they are her children.
And in the night, let us find our peace. If not in our hearts, then in our heads. And let our words from these troubled minds spill out to nourish our eyes, so that our hearts may feel as our characters feel, our words may pierce their souls and send them weeping or laughing, or angry onto the next page. Let us, as writers, come together, and even as the world crashes around our heads, we hold onto to the one thing that has never failed us before:

We write.


-Sheron Parris

And P.S. Harry Potter Week = Me with a brown paper bag attached to my mouth. Rejoice wizards, for our time is never over!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Been Super Busy Working Things Out With My Book

I made merchandise for my series, a new blog that showcases chapters part by part, and I'm hoping to gain more followers for my work this way while also doing videos, spreading the word, and of course - writing and reading.

Sorry I haven't been on here. I'll still keep this around. And use it to write about my writing experience and whatnot.

Here's a FAQs page I made on my other blog:



I've burned myself out, going to lounge in front of netflix and waste away. :)

How have all of you been?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hell of a Lot of Work on The Immortal's Guide

I've had some chapters just sitting there for the longest that I'd written sometime last year or even the year before that and I'd never gotten around to doing anything with them. I was just...stuck.

Then I went to Florida for two weeks recently, had a lovely time. Now I'm back home, started a new blog on Tumblr, loving it.

But for the most part I've been tackling The Immortal's Guide - so far I'm up to Chapter 8, and I'm rather pleased with it all. Working my butt off on it, and there's nothing more to say, so I'm off to continue doing so.

How are all of you? I've missed you.



Just saw the new Pirates movie and I found myself itching - absolutely itching to go home and write. The bloody mermaids, the ships, the PIRATES. Gah. I had an idea years ago, mind, to add pirates somehow into my book. Pirates and Vampires. It'd only be a chapter or two but still. YUM. And the mermaids. [faints]

Enough of this, then. I'm off for real this time. :D

Monday, April 11, 2011

Queried 3 Agents So Far...

The first of this current batch was done in the wee hours of the morning, after I had Julian read-over my query letter. He said he got the point of it and I sent it off immediately. Isn't that the point of it all? Short and to the point, straight to the heart of the matter. That's what I wanted to get across.

Anyway, after I sent it off, there were no anxious jitters or anything, just...focus. I found some other literary agents' emails I hadn't sent in my drafts and revised them, reviewed the agents' websites, and once making sure everything was in order, I sent those two off.

Now I'm reading The Immortal's Guide from the beginning, and writing as I go.

I feel incredibly content and brilliantly centered. Everything, is as it should be.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Mkay so, tons have happened.

The other other week, my boyfriend, Julian came up to New York to spend some time with me. Needless to say, I had an amazing time and didn't get sick of him after the third day of waking up next to him. ;) So that, to me says something.

On another note, school. (Sigh) I began to get disinterested in school -- in it all, honestly, and stopped going. Literally. I just stopped. I already had tons of absences, and was falling behind even though I was showing up every day - it was just impossible to grasp any of it - and the week after Julian left, I received an email from my English professor -- I'd been dropped from the class.

At that point, it was like I was being given new lease to change my direction. I'd only went to college to shut my mother and -mostly- father up about "where I was taking my life," and I knew since my last year in high school that I would never make it past one year in college. No one listened. Maybe now they will.

April 26th, I'm going down to Florida to spend some time with Julian and our friends (I miss them all), and I'm staying down there for two weeks. Here's the deal though, I may or may not come back up to New York after this visit.

I honestly hate it up here, I feel like I'm being stifled, and my potential for anything I would want is being crushed.

I've meditated on the matter and I must follow my heart, be open to new opportunities. Go where the wind blows, all that mess.

I guess this is what growing up is all about, huh?

-Sheron Parris

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Dark World Book Covers


One of the covers I did for my first book in the Xavier Delacroix Series entitled, The Dark World.
When I found that picture, my eyes widened and I gasped immediately. She matches the main antagonist, Eleanor Black to a T. It made me extremely happy to see the final outcome.

Yet, knowing my book is not mainly about Eleanor as far as the story goes, I was hard pressed to find another picture that could better depict the main protagonist: Xavier Delacroix.

Here's what I came up with:


I admit, it isn't all flashy and eye-catching, but it has the sublime grittiness that I believe the first book holds. And hell...he's holding a sword. That's enough for me. If you read the book you'd know what significance that sword holds to the story. Either way, I like them both and am hard pressed to choose which one I prefer.

Eye-catching beauty that does nothing to showcase the story, or lone Vampire, armored-up, sword in hand, looking down as the world around him is rent into chaos, sans eye-catching beauty?

Which one do you prefer my fellow writers?

-Sheron Parris 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Suvudu Writing Contest

Upon denying some random person's friend request on Facebook, I see an Ad for a writing contest on the side of the page.
I, normally, don't click on these things. I just read them and move on. But the words "writing contest" hit me hard and I figured I'd send in my Vampire story since it's been a while since I actually queried it out.
The contest's qualifications are that the manuscript has to be between 50,000 and 150,000 words. I checked my story: 130,000 words or about around there. I punched the air and sent it off.
I don't know what's gonna happen, but I feel good about this. Good about the story, and good about sending it off. Which is a turn from how I was before: Withdrawn and terrified of sending it off for fear of rejection.
Well I've faced my fair share of rejection and now I'm ready for anything. :)
This is the site:
The prize is a thorough edit by an in house editor and consideration for publication. (Big for any writer, right?)

They announce the winner March 18th.
Yet I refuse to linger around the site, itself.
I've sent my book off, that's all I can do. Now I play the "forget about it until the winners are announced game." :)
Haha play it with me?
I have to work on The Immortal's Guide anywho.

How are all of you?

Sheron Parris

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Went to Hogwarts!

And I bought a bundle (literally) in robes, wands, scarves, wallets, and a Quaffle ball for my little brother.
(Satisified sigh)

Me in Hogsmeade after just buying my Slytherin robes, scarf -- I'm holding Snape's wand. (Which is beautiful, might I add!)

Slytherin crest on the Slytherin robes. The material was BEAUTIFUL. Worth the $100. (YES, the robes were $100.) And there's even a wand pocket inside a flap on the robes. JUST found that out like a few days ago. HA.
Me and one of my biffles at the park. Had a blast. :)
Quaffle. With the Hogwarts Crest on it. XD

Hogwarts Castle. XD

Severus Snape's Wand. <3

Dawww! I love this boy! <3 I was talking to him while I took the shot, like an idiot. XD We were at Friday's. Mmm I miss him so much. =[

BRANDON! AHH! Haha I don't know where I was looking when this shot was taken but geeze, that boy right there is my world. One of the best people I could ever know. XD

Lemme just say that the trip to Florida was fantastic, my friends were the best, I was surrounded by love, calmness, and I could breath easily for the first time in...literally ever. This trip opened my eyes to the exact anxiety and stress New York harbors like a bad plague. We New Yorkers are known for being "rude" and "stressed" but I did not realize how those very catalysts sprang into action into our very air! Down in Florida, there was no "rush rush rush" mentality, everything was much calmer, and people actually breathed (or rather, smoked), but all the same, I love it, and I'm seriously considering transfering colleges because I absolutely hate where I am right now (in terms of life). Another thing I was forced to come to terms with.

I'm depressed. Being up here, I just thought my lack of desire to get out of bed was...I don't know...laziness? Turns out, no, I'm seriously depressed. I used to think I was depressed back in my Middle School days, and I'd gotten over it as I got older. Apparently not. Apparently, not wanting to leave your house or do anything isn't...normal. Who knew?

The only way I could have seen this, is, of course, if I left the state that was causing the problem. I can't express how horrible I feel up here compared to down there. (Sigh)

That, and I haven't written a thing since I got back. (Ducks and hides from booing and hissing.) I know, I know, just...there's that lethargy again. I don't want to do anything.

I believe I'm subconsciously waiting for my new laptop (that's coming this Wednesday), and I'm particularly bummed because my house was robbed while I was on vacation down there.

Yes, I know. I thought my mom was lying too when I got the phone call (for in the 19 years I've lived here, we were NEVER robbed -- until I go away.) And guess what was stolen? My Playstation 3 and my bookbag. All of the contents dumped out onto the driveway. My mother and I gathered that this person or persons needed the bookbag to store the Playstation 3. Needless to say, they got both and took off.


But! My mother jumped into action when I returned (on a rather nasty flight, must I add), and she brought me a brand new, 160 gigabyte Playstation 3, and the game that I'd lost (for it was in the old Playstation when it was taken), so ha, in some respects I'm better off than I was before. (My old Playstation 3 was one of the brand new models when it'd FIRST come out and was a measly 40 gigs.)

I disliked, however, the way my father reacted to the news once finally informed over Wendy's.

Now, he'd said before that he would, and I quote, "Break into the house to teach them a lesson." Them, being my mother and my family (they're divorced), because we used to have this thing about never locking doors. We never had a reason to. We all felt insanely secure in our house and welcomed the friends that would walk in whenever they desired. (That's changed since the break-in obviously, every door now has a lock and a doorbell and we've all got keys. It makes me feel like a prisoner in my own home. Another reason I desire to leave: I no longer feel safe.)

But yes, this man smiled once I told him what happened and he then said, "I knew it was only a matter of time. You know this person is gonna come back. You know he is. You all need locks and...."

At which point, I then tuned him out because he went into a tirade about locks and keys and how my mother should get the dollar locks at Home Depot. (gagging gesture) There are points, I will admit, when I hate that that man ever concieved me. What kind of a way is it -- for you to act like you've oneupped your family, no less -- oh, excuse me, EX-family, by being RIGHT about them getting robbed?

Doesn't it seem like you'd be...I don't know...more sympathic? More...RELIEVED that my little brother and my mother (who were both in the house when it happened) weren't...hurt in the process of a measly Playstation 3 being taken? But NO, you decide to go on about how right you were and how -- LIKE I REALLY NEED TO HEAR THIS -- they're going to come back?!

It makes you look terrible, Dad, just TERRIBLE. And newsflash, BECAUSE you even said, those months ago, "I'm going to break into the house to teach them a lesson." AND IT HAPPENED, we can go to the police and tell them we have prime suspect because YOU opened your MOUTH, said those words, and THEN IT HAPPENED.

So you've no right to get all sanctimonious. It makes you look even worse than you already ARE.

Ugh. I'm absolutely disgusted right now.

Need some tea from my Slytherin House cup to soothe my nerves. (sigh)

Ah yes, I'm a Slytherin. ;) And Hogwarts was beautiful. The entire castle was a ride. Worth it. We went on that one twice. Haha. I must go back.

Oh oh oh, my wand is a Birch wand. And it's gorgeous:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

X Book Covers

So upon visiting LRenee's blog, I saw all her wonderful work and the book covers to go along with them and I was suddenly inspired to create a book cover for my newest work in progress: X. Now, I posted I believe the first chapter of X up on this blog (Chapter 1 | The Rest of Chapter 1) and I can't remember if I got good feedback or not but it is a novel that has taken on a life of its own.

A girl (nameless throughout the whole book), experiences her first kill and is then taken in for questioning by the police. But instead of recieving a life sentence for her crime, she is inducted into a world of killers and it is here, within this organization, that she must find out who she is and what drives her dark desires by answering the ultimate question:
"Why do you kill?"

Here are the book covers I did today:

A bit about this one: I think it suits the novel perfectly. It is a YA novel with extreme dark overtones, but it is a YA novel nonetheless and I feel this cover is more...approachable for a YA audience as well as giving us a glimpse of what the book could possibly be about:
A lonely girl cast in strange darkness. 

 A bit about this: The second one I did, this cover makes me smile. It's rather in your face about her, I find. The fire in her eyes, the blood trailing down her cheek; indeed, the main character is trapped in darkness and she is both a slave and master to her deadly urges.

And last but not least, the underground stairway that immediately caught my attention. I love this one because the organization she has been "inducted" into is, indeed, very underground (literally and actually) and she exists in this place for a long time. Indeed, the title of the book, X, is the name of, not this organization, but the whole system she is now apart of as a whole.

I'm overjoyed honestly, with the results. Tell me which one you like the most, having read the first and/or second chapter of the book?

That'd be fantastic.

Happy Writing.

Sheron Parris 

Friday, February 4, 2011


I find it difficult to say just what exactly is going on with me. I'm changing, that much I'm aware of. Personality-wise and mentally. I just don't know what the outcome will be.

I haven't posted in a while, this I know, and this I apologize for. Things have been happening.

I'm the Short Story Author for my college's newspaper as of last Tuesday. Isn't it great? I have about a week I think to decide what story I want to put up. I have two in mind but both are maddeningly grotesque and bloody. One more so than the other. Hm. I'll see.

Either way, I'm terribly happy about the opportunity.

And of course, I leave for Florida on Saturday, the 12th. I can't wait to get down there and have fun with my friends. Much needed.

I'm in the college library, just got out of class, and I've a hankering for chips.

-_- I also desire to write some more of "X."

I daresay, I must start carrying around a USB stick/flash drive once again.
Convienent, and also, for we writers, necessary is it not?

Sheron Parris

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great Night's Sleep

So I finally -- after not really sleeping all week -- had a great night's sleep last night. My friend Paul came over and I showed him The Rocky Horror Picture Show (to my immediate horror, I was SHOCKED to learn he had never seen it before), and then we watched Alice in Wonderland (2010) before he went home. Once he left, I immediately went to bed as the week at college had rendered me absolutely exhausted.

However, I woke up at ten o'clock, absolutely well rested and able to get on with life. There was just one question -- what would I do? It was true I had textbooks to read, work to complete...etc. But I found I'd rather learn from the teacher than read from a textbook (which is odd because I love to read). Yes, not even the interesting textbook of Psychology could interest me in the words beyond the "interesting" cover page. (Image above)

Yet alas, I am shifting through the tomes of work (namely Geography right now) and I'm rather bleh about the whole thing. I don't know what's wrong with me. Either it be just laziness or general lack of care. Something's changed in me -- hmmmm.

Either way, last night I tried to write some of my book. I fleshed out a key point in the story -- or what I thought was a key point in my story, but alas, now I'm considering changing it completely. Why are we writers such fickle, perfectionists?

I know I am not the only one.

Your work...your child, as it were, must be honed and perfected, before anyone's eyes can lay upon it (beside the obvious critic or fellow writer friend), and then it must be edited, edited, and edited again until you are absolutely exhausted with its words.

Or're one of those that writes with ease, doesn't fret over anything, and just sits there, content with the finished project?

However you write, is it not the best part about writing -- the actual writing? -- the forming of the words, the story? And even though it may be filled with grammatical errors and just general ridiculousness, you can't help but go back to it -- always and try to figure out how the story goes (for I do not know -- I figure that out when I sit down to write). But perhaps, it would do me good, no, to perhaps write out an outline for this story? (For whoever said that a sequel was easier to write than its predecessor?)

My tea's gone cold. -_-

I must procrastinate elsewhere. Ta-ta for now my lovely friends.

-Sheron Parris

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everything New

I've started college recently. Have to say it's rather fun, but it's only been the first week, I won't hold out that it can get worse as the semester continues. However, all of my focus is on a trip to Florida I am taking in February for a week. I'm going to spend the week with a very old friend and we're celebrating his birthday. A trip to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure...and all the madness inbetween. I can't wait to see him again. It's going to be a wonderful reunion.

Now, for the writing. Honestly, I haven't been writing much -- nothing came out right, and if it did, I found I couldn't continue writing it. I've found that when things in my life aren't straightened out, any sort of creative communication I wish to express gets tangled and caught up and I am unable to express myself. Negative energy, eh?

Regardless, I'm still writing, even currently (just set aside time to type up this blog post), and I've gone way back to the beginning of the sequel, to pan everything out, flesh out the story, introduce new characters, express characters and their motives, and just general start the ball rolling in a way that would get me -- and anyone else -- to want to keep reading it.

I'm absolutely exhausted so I'm going to finish typing up these scene and head to bed. Oh, and yes, I've changed the layout of my site. What do you think?

-Sheron Parris