Monday, October 17, 2011

Late-night editing

I decided to pass the time by continuing my editing on The Dark World. It's going well thus far. I've realized how...terrible my writing was when I was 16 (and wrote the first draft of the The Dark World), and how I've now grasped the concept of showing the story, not telling it.

It's made writing such a joy, honestly.


Just wanted to do a quick update, I hope you all are well.

<3 Happy Writing.

By the way, my mind has been taken over by zombies. They are everywhere. My boyfriend is always playing some zombie game, I got him hooked on The Walking Dead (the tv show), and I finally got him to watch this anime that came out last year called Highschool of the Dead. It''s really annoying, now actually.

I don't know, zombies just don't do it for me. Doesn't help with the zombie nightmare every single night where I'm trying to run but feel as though I'm being miserably held back.

Anywho, yes, zombies are taking over everything in the media...etc. I'm not a fan. Vampires...always my cup of tea. They're just more...there's more of a story there depending on how you want to do it. With zombies...if you change it up too much, they're no longer zombies and there no longer becomes a point to them. Y'know?

I'm rambling.

Back to editing.


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