Monday, October 3, 2011


I know I haven't updated in a while and I'll make time to update daily or at least every other day. I don't know. Anyway, I'm just here to say I'm still writing The Immortal's Guide, up to Chapter 13, glad of where it's going.

Now speaking about my books, the first one, The Dark World, has sold 5 copies currently and those who purchased a copy have agreed to write a review for it once they're finished it.

So that's that.
I'm currently in Florida, writing as much as I can. Currently job searching to pass the time and by January, I want to head to college.

That's about it, methinks. Thanks for reading. :D

And stop by the link up there to check out the book and see if you wanna buy it. Or not.


  1. Sheron, I had no idea your book was being sold! I'll definitely have to check it out. How is it coming along?

    I hope the writing is going well. :)


  2. You're finally in Florida! How exciting. I guess we need to set a play date. ;)