Friday, March 9, 2012

First Signed Copy And Sequel Work

Since everywhere I turn now, someone is mentioning how much they love (or are just now sinking their teeth into) my book and with this, I realize I actually do have to keep working on my sequel.

Between college, work, homework, and down time (what IS that?), I've found I've very little time for actual writing. But, not to worry, as of late I've felt my creative juices flowing and have been working through Chapter 13 of The Immortal's Guide.

(I believe I finally understand a way to connect the first part of the book to the beginning of the middle - both fully written.) So I'm rather excited.

But as I'm working all weekend this weekend, I shall have to section in bits of my writing before and after work.

All the same I plan to be done with the sequel by the summer (writing gods willing!)

The Dark World, however, is available for purchase now. :)

Ah, and I signed my first copy of The Dark World the other day. :') It was mortifying yet exhilarating.