Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Googling Yourself

So I'm awake...well more awake than I was just a few minutes ago and I decided to check up on my ebook, when I saw that Barnes & Noble had given it a star rating. When I went onto the site, however, there was no rating, no one had read it. (Which is to be expected.) :) But I was surprised to see, during my google search, that my book showed up here, on this site for ebooks, apparently mainly sold through Smashwords. I was initially shocked, and wanted to know why exactly this man was promoting my book, but apparently he does that for all ebook so (shrug). Also, the price he has there is the starting price I had first put and I'm wondering if I should lower the price back down to $2.99.

I think I may, because I got at least one sell with that price, with the new price of $9.99, no one is buying.

Now, moving on to life. I'm in Florida, currently job searching. Applied to the nearest Barnes and Noble, quite prepared to walk in again and state how much I want/need/would absolutely die for the job or just calling in. Hmm.

Either way, I applied elsewhere, though none of those jobs hold my fancy.

Anywho, I'm terribly happy, my health has definitely blossomed. Life is GOOD (we avoided a hurricane, although New York got the aftermath of an Earthquake, and now the hurricane is headed for them), and I couldn't be happier.

How are all of you?

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