Saturday, February 5, 2011

X Book Covers

So upon visiting LRenee's blog, I saw all her wonderful work and the book covers to go along with them and I was suddenly inspired to create a book cover for my newest work in progress: X. Now, I posted I believe the first chapter of X up on this blog (Chapter 1 | The Rest of Chapter 1) and I can't remember if I got good feedback or not but it is a novel that has taken on a life of its own.

A girl (nameless throughout the whole book), experiences her first kill and is then taken in for questioning by the police. But instead of recieving a life sentence for her crime, she is inducted into a world of killers and it is here, within this organization, that she must find out who she is and what drives her dark desires by answering the ultimate question:
"Why do you kill?"

Here are the book covers I did today:

A bit about this one: I think it suits the novel perfectly. It is a YA novel with extreme dark overtones, but it is a YA novel nonetheless and I feel this cover is more...approachable for a YA audience as well as giving us a glimpse of what the book could possibly be about:
A lonely girl cast in strange darkness. 

 A bit about this: The second one I did, this cover makes me smile. It's rather in your face about her, I find. The fire in her eyes, the blood trailing down her cheek; indeed, the main character is trapped in darkness and she is both a slave and master to her deadly urges.

And last but not least, the underground stairway that immediately caught my attention. I love this one because the organization she has been "inducted" into is, indeed, very underground (literally and actually) and she exists in this place for a long time. Indeed, the title of the book, X, is the name of, not this organization, but the whole system she is now apart of as a whole.

I'm overjoyed honestly, with the results. Tell me which one you like the most, having read the first and/or second chapter of the book?

That'd be fantastic.

Happy Writing.

Sheron Parris 


  1. I did read the chapters waaaay back when (time has become very fluid for me recently) but purely on a catch my attention level, I like option 2. From the cover, I get quite a bit of information and would pick it up in a shop to find out more.

    Option 1 would actually put me off. I think that kind of shot has been overused in some genres and it could confuse your message.

    Option 3 is intriguing but keeps me at a distance. From the cover, I have no real clue who or what this book is about. I need a connection to make me pick up a book, however fleeting that connection may be.

    Hope this helps and isnt too negative. :)

  2. P.S. Do you think you can be too old to read YA? Giggle.

  3. I'm glad I could be an inspiration, Sheron:) I really like the first cover; it just caught my attention right away and it makes me all that more interested in reading the book. I am extremely jealous of the cover; when I make covers they never end up looking that good LOL.