Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Went to Hogwarts!

And I bought a bundle (literally) in robes, wands, scarves, wallets, and a Quaffle ball for my little brother.
(Satisified sigh)

Me in Hogsmeade after just buying my Slytherin robes, scarf -- I'm holding Snape's wand. (Which is beautiful, might I add!)

Slytherin crest on the Slytherin robes. The material was BEAUTIFUL. Worth the $100. (YES, the robes were $100.) And there's even a wand pocket inside a flap on the robes. JUST found that out like a few days ago. HA.
Me and one of my biffles at the park. Had a blast. :)
Quaffle. With the Hogwarts Crest on it. XD

Hogwarts Castle. XD

Severus Snape's Wand. <3

Dawww! I love this boy! <3 I was talking to him while I took the shot, like an idiot. XD We were at Friday's. Mmm I miss him so much. =[

BRANDON! AHH! Haha I don't know where I was looking when this shot was taken but geeze, that boy right there is my world. One of the best people I could ever know. XD

Lemme just say that the trip to Florida was fantastic, my friends were the best, I was surrounded by love, calmness, and I could breath easily for the first time in...literally ever. This trip opened my eyes to the exact anxiety and stress New York harbors like a bad plague. We New Yorkers are known for being "rude" and "stressed" but I did not realize how those very catalysts sprang into action into our very air! Down in Florida, there was no "rush rush rush" mentality, everything was much calmer, and people actually breathed (or rather, smoked), but all the same, I love it, and I'm seriously considering transfering colleges because I absolutely hate where I am right now (in terms of life). Another thing I was forced to come to terms with.

I'm depressed. Being up here, I just thought my lack of desire to get out of bed was...I don't know...laziness? Turns out, no, I'm seriously depressed. I used to think I was depressed back in my Middle School days, and I'd gotten over it as I got older. Apparently not. Apparently, not wanting to leave your house or do anything isn't...normal. Who knew?

The only way I could have seen this, is, of course, if I left the state that was causing the problem. I can't express how horrible I feel up here compared to down there. (Sigh)

That, and I haven't written a thing since I got back. (Ducks and hides from booing and hissing.) I know, I know, just...there's that lethargy again. I don't want to do anything.

I believe I'm subconsciously waiting for my new laptop (that's coming this Wednesday), and I'm particularly bummed because my house was robbed while I was on vacation down there.

Yes, I know. I thought my mom was lying too when I got the phone call (for in the 19 years I've lived here, we were NEVER robbed -- until I go away.) And guess what was stolen? My Playstation 3 and my bookbag. All of the contents dumped out onto the driveway. My mother and I gathered that this person or persons needed the bookbag to store the Playstation 3. Needless to say, they got both and took off.


But! My mother jumped into action when I returned (on a rather nasty flight, must I add), and she brought me a brand new, 160 gigabyte Playstation 3, and the game that I'd lost (for it was in the old Playstation when it was taken), so ha, in some respects I'm better off than I was before. (My old Playstation 3 was one of the brand new models when it'd FIRST come out and was a measly 40 gigs.)

I disliked, however, the way my father reacted to the news once finally informed over Wendy's.

Now, he'd said before that he would, and I quote, "Break into the house to teach them a lesson." Them, being my mother and my family (they're divorced), because we used to have this thing about never locking doors. We never had a reason to. We all felt insanely secure in our house and welcomed the friends that would walk in whenever they desired. (That's changed since the break-in obviously, every door now has a lock and a doorbell and we've all got keys. It makes me feel like a prisoner in my own home. Another reason I desire to leave: I no longer feel safe.)

But yes, this man smiled once I told him what happened and he then said, "I knew it was only a matter of time. You know this person is gonna come back. You know he is. You all need locks and...."

At which point, I then tuned him out because he went into a tirade about locks and keys and how my mother should get the dollar locks at Home Depot. (gagging gesture) There are points, I will admit, when I hate that that man ever concieved me. What kind of a way is it -- for you to act like you've oneupped your family, no less -- oh, excuse me, EX-family, by being RIGHT about them getting robbed?

Doesn't it seem like you'd be...I don't know...more sympathic? More...RELIEVED that my little brother and my mother (who were both in the house when it happened) weren't...hurt in the process of a measly Playstation 3 being taken? But NO, you decide to go on about how right you were and how -- LIKE I REALLY NEED TO HEAR THIS -- they're going to come back?!

It makes you look terrible, Dad, just TERRIBLE. And newsflash, BECAUSE you even said, those months ago, "I'm going to break into the house to teach them a lesson." AND IT HAPPENED, we can go to the police and tell them we have prime suspect because YOU opened your MOUTH, said those words, and THEN IT HAPPENED.

So you've no right to get all sanctimonious. It makes you look even worse than you already ARE.

Ugh. I'm absolutely disgusted right now.

Need some tea from my Slytherin House cup to soothe my nerves. (sigh)

Ah yes, I'm a Slytherin. ;) And Hogwarts was beautiful. The entire castle was a ride. Worth it. We went on that one twice. Haha. I must go back.

Oh oh oh, my wand is a Birch wand. And it's gorgeous:

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  1. It sounds like you had a wild trip out here in Florida. If you move your schooling down here, let me know. Maybe we can meet up for something like a write-in or just chat about the craft and business.

    Loved your pictures. Very youthful. You made me think maybe I should go to Universal and check it out.