Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anxiety Attack, Release, New Beginning

I had a severe anxiety attack last night brought on by the male parental telling me that I "need serious fucking help," (I kid you not) and other insane things I've been keeping bottled up for so long. They couldn't last within me anymore and that was it:
  • Nausea
  • Insane migraine
  • Pain in the mouth and throat WITH the migraine
  • And crying brought on by the fact that I hated what was happening to me, and the migraine SUCKED, and the pain sucked -- which only made the pain worse and made me cry MORE. 
I thought I was going to die, but here I am, I feel freer, amazing, great, fantastic, as though I'm not "tied" down by anything more as I did before.

*I went to the doctor and he just gave me Tylenol. What the hell is that? I HATE medication and knew he wouldn't be able to single out the issue before I went. [Sigh] Why don't I listen to myself more? Would've saved me twenty bucks. 

[Deep breath]

I haven't written anything as of late because of the slew of things that have happened recently but I'm sure I'll get to my sequel tomorrow. I've had it open for days and haven't stared at it once. Kind of odd for me. But whatevs. My personal life needs a drastic re-haul. I've decided to focus on my health for the time being, because it's important, no?

Oh, and I got another rejection today guys. Woo!

Seriously, rejection is amazing. Suckish, yes, but that only means that I have more time to understand myself, my writing, where I want this series to go, and what I want to do with it before I try again. Freedom, no?

And have you guys been clued into the weird weather as of late? The storms over here, NY, in the end of August (pretty weird), and I heard there was some fire tornado in Brazil, and TWO water SPOUTS in the ocean. What the hell is going on?

I actually like this insanity. It's...refreshing. New.

Stay lovely.
I need some sleep to recharge (still feeling pretty weak).

-Sheron Parris


  1. Sorry about the anxiety attack. Are you going to be all right?
    Also sorry you got another rejection. I know what it's like, though. Just keep them all in the same place and remember that eventually you'll pull out all those letters or open the folder in your emails of rejections and you'll laugh because at last you'll have been published.
    Best of luck and hope you get better!

    Happy writing,

  2. Glad to hear you'll be getting better so long as you rest.

    Thanks. I also liked both covers and decided to use the second one to promote the book on my blog and the first one for the actual cover on IP.
    College must be taking up a lot of time. I can't fully relate, but I'll be going into 11th grade this year and I know it's just gonna be a lot. Besides that I also have a job now. Oh fun *sarcasm* My mother doesn't care that I don't want to work the first week of school starting; she says if I have to I HAVE TO:(
    But enough of me complaining about something little like that. Hope you're doing better and I'll try to get around to the writing questions.... soon ....whenever that is.

    Happy writing,