Saturday, August 14, 2010

Entering Contests and Submitting to Literary Magazines

Ron L. Hubbard's Science Fiction/Fantasy Contest. I entered pieces of my novel. Edited it, obviously. Here's to hoping for that.
And also I've been looking for literary magazines to submit work to. I've found a few and submitted work thusly. Here's to building an anthology of my work, eh?

[Sigh] I'm exhausted and don't feel well at all. Just came home from a barbeque and my aunt who's been reading my book online, told me she liked it...etc. I'm glad. Just wish it wasn't online as everyone complains about their eyes hurting after a few minutes to 30. [Sigh] Eh.

I need some sleep.

Stay saucy you lovely writers.

Sheron Parris

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