Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've been writing a lot of as late and have reached Chapter 15 of the sequel to The Dark World/A Change of Hands, my first Vampire novel.
So much has happened in the book and I quite like the fast pace. It's fast without being so "in your face, too much is happening and I can't get any of it." It's all action because the ease the Creatures used to face in the first book are now gone and Eleanor Black is terrorizing them, that, and personal problems are being brought to light, relations are being revealed, and just a lot is happening all around that I'm proud of. It's much darker than the first one, that's for sure.

I won't be posting any part of that book on this blog, if you want to read it you'll have to go to Authonomy and read it there.
The Link:

Enjoy. ;) I must go write some more.

Sheron Parris, tootles.

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  1. I will start reading it forthwith! I like what I see on this blog so I am looking forward to reading your book.