Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 Queries Sent Out Back to Back and Billy

Yes, it took a few hours of my time to relax and write a decent query letter, but once I summed up my book in one sentence, the true plot revealed itself and I could expand as necessary for the middle of my query. (Sigh) Wish me luck? I'm feel particularly snazzy about the queries I sent out, and I can't even think about being rejected or not. The only thing on my mind is "I have an agent, I just don't know him/her yet."

(sigh) I recently recovered a script I wrote entitled "Billy" that I'm super happy about. I wrote it sometime last year, or the year before, and it's as demented as I am, if not more. For "Billy" I took the age old "imaginary friend" we all have, and asked myself "What if "Billy" or "Bob" or what have you wasn't a friend? What if he/she were against you? Wanted your life?" Thus "Billy" was born.

It's about a teenage girl who has a girlfriend, yet also has another self, a subconscious if you will that has a mind of her own. Yes, Billy is a girl, folks. =] Everyone who's read it so far loves it, if only the skip over the girl-on-girl action -- well, if you count a girl kissing herself girl-on-girl action. Beh.

I'm absolutely exhausted. Sending out queries should be considered a job in itself, eh?

Good luck my fellow writers!
We've only but good times ahead of us!

Keep Writing.

Sheron Parris


  1. How exciting. Good luck.

    Keep yourself busy while you're waiting.:)

  2. Good luck!!

    I agree with Christina, keep writing while you wait. The script sounds interesting. The girl on girl thing, if it fits in with the plot, should be fine although why your subconscious would suddenly go at it with the conscious they want to get rid of Im not sure. Heck, I'm not sure that sentence made sense either! LOL

    So, I will say again, Good Luck with the query letters!