Friday, January 6, 2012

So One Of My Followers On Tumblr...

Wanted me to read some of their work, as I'm a writer. I go 'sure, toss it on over to my email.' After a bit of my laptop freezing up, I finally settle in to reading it. Now, I wasn't looking for amazing grammar or whatever, but I was CERTAINLY NOT expecting to be tossed off my bed by the sheer AMAZINGNESS of what I read.

Short, crisp sentences, a very believable dialogue, but most of all, a very disturbed main character, and an ending he very well deserves.

I won't post it here because I will respect his privacy, when he wants to post it up for the world to view, I'm sure he will. But nothing has MOVED me like that in a while. It seriously threw me for a serious loop. The moment I got to the big 'twist,' my eyes rapidly canvassed the screen for more.

It was that damned good.

I told him this and I told him he needs to write more - perhaps a book. Because if he does, I will be the first person lining up to buy it, I assure you.

I love the pangs of sheer inspiration other writers/artists can provide. It's exceptional to get out of one's own head for a while and  read something that moves one, be it to disgust, or sheer incredulity.

Whatever works.

-S.C. Parris.
Author of The Dark World: A Delacroix Novel

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