Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chris Brown, Work, and Voicing Your Opinion

I'm at work now but I felt the need to update my blog. Now, I love the award shows as much as the next person, but the big stink being made about Chris Brown winning a Grammy is atrocious.

On Tumblr it seems all my followers have turned into overnight feminists, and memes about Chris Brown's "reign of abuse" over Rihanna won't cease my dashboard. Now, these are all blogs I started to follow for specific reasons: they were acting-oriented, fellow writers spoke of their process (or lack thereof), or I just generally liked the look and feel of the blog in question.

Now it seems the "cool thing" to do is hate on Chris Brown, call him rude names or just downright spit on his existence.

I personally stopped caring about the Chris Brown thing after Rihanna, herself seemed to be over it. And that was when I was in High school. Celebrities are fodder for the masses, this we are all the more aware of, I'm sure, yet hating on someone for something they did once (that is horrible, I admit), when said abuse happens to numerous woman and men all across the world every day, is incredibly short sighted.

All the feminists that are making themselves known on my dashboard all of a sudden should take a look at, and in theory attack, every single man and woman that inflicts domestic abuse on their spouse or what have you. It's arrogant and downright maddening to see everyone get all self righteous and climb atop their pedestals declaring what a monster Chris Brown is when he isn't the first to do this and definitely won't be the last.

And we all know that when Mr. Brown dies (be it tomorrow or several years from now) all those that were shooting him down will be the first ones to declare what a gifted and brilliant performer he was.
All that aside, my college peers are shocked and awed (for some reason) that I wrote a book. In mostly all of my classes I am known as the "author" so naturally, everyone comes to me wanting help with their essays or whatnot.

It was cute at first but now it's downright frustrating. I wrote a book people, that doesn't mean I'll help everyone and their girlfriend write a paper on every and any subject.

Either way, life is fantastic, tomorrow I'm heading to a spa with all the females in my family to get our nails and feet done, then we're heading to the mall. :) Then on Monday it's Madame Tussand's wax museum in the city and lunch soon after.

I'm super excited.

Also, the sequel of The Dark World has been going along fantastically. The Immortal's Guide is action packed thus far and goes way deeper than the first into the World, several Dark Creatures, and their pasts. :) I'm super excited for it and I hope everyone likes it.

That said, the compliments I've gotten on the first one are all smile-worthy. I can't believe it but my peers do love it once they learn it's nothing like Twilight.

And we all know how I feel about that series. ;)

Oh, and it appears my main character is better as an antagonist. I guess it was there all along, either way I'm glad I see it now. His descent into further darkness shall be as fun to write as it will be to read.


  1. How exciting. It sounds like you're doing great in college. Yeah, just keep the writing quiet for a little bit and see if people stop asking for your help. That gets in the way of free time for a writer/actress/college student. ;)

    1. Thank you Christina. :) Yes, college is lovely but this week-long break from it has been even more so. :) And I will definitely keep it quiet, word of mouth is spreading the news well enough as it is.