Thursday, December 3, 2009

Editing Finished Manuscript.

So that fantasy book I was writing for the past two or so years is complete. It was finished December 21st or so of 2008. It was started the July of 2007. I went through a lot of tears, heart pumping, and blood boiling moments while writing this book. Other times I shut down and couldn't write for months, and there were a few times I deleted whole chapters [purposely, there were many times that chapters deleted themselves without my consent] and started over anew because the chapter written didn't "fit" what the characters had to go through. Now that I am faced with the decision of publishing that I have chosen to do, I am gritting my teeth and facing the fact that I am not 100% happy with my completed manuscript. It's 389 pages of my life and roughly 130,000 words where time and thought played a major part in its imminent creation. I say imminent because that's just what this whole thing is: something that was waiting and brewing inside me to be released. And it has been, if only one part of the whole story.

I will not feign directness with this project; I look at my unfinished sequel: The Immortal's Guide, and cannot help but feel I don't know where this new project will take me, what my characters will endure. It is almost too much to bear to be put through this type of emotional turmoil yet again but, I do it for my fans that are soon to be and I do it for my heart which will not rest until, ultimately, Xavier brings peace to the Dark World, because let's face it, he very well WILL. There is no doubt in my mind about that. I am curious to see, however, how he will go about doing this as there are extraordinary blocks and gaps in his way blocking his course for this one book...not to mention Eleanor Black has his heart in her clutches and the rest of the Dark Worlds'....


If you understood any of the above, I applaud you for that means you were right there with me while I typed this thing. If you don't understand any of it...well, hell, you'll figure it all out soon. My mother wished to keep this a surprise, BUT, I must say that she has let it slip when I told her I wanted to send a query letter to a few literary agencies. She has told me that she has a friend who has a friend who has a publishing company on the west coast. She has been planning to print the book again [I plan to give her the edited, fleshed out version], get it bound, and send it to the publisher. I have my fingers crossed as friend of a friend CAN open doors.

I wonder, as always, what my readers will think when they open the book for the first time, or read the back of it, or gaze the jacket flip on the inside. I wonder, of course, because I want you all to feel as strongly for these characters I have created, as I do. And even if Vampires and hybrids are not your type of poison, I implore you: give it a try. You may be surprised by what you find. This book will be published under the pen name: Sheron Parris, hence the name of this blog. Don't be confused if I hand you a book and it has "Parris" attached to the end of my name -- it's still, and always has been me. Parris is my mother's maiden name and I thought it sounded absolutely lovely so it stuck.

This has been a taste of what my blogs shall look like [when I remember to keep up with them]. I promise to keep you all updated on the writing, editing, publishing, marketing, rinse and repeat process as these books are churned from this mind, down these arms, and through these fingers.

And I'm hoping, I admit, that a movie is in the works. I have seen Xavier Delacroix in my mind's eye and have seen the World he lives in as well and I think it will make for a miraculous movie, don't you?

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