Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fantastic Days Like This Are One In A Million.

And how simple it was.

Just the spare conversations with friends and teachers brightened my day tremendously. I was particularly inspired by a conversation I shared with a teacher, Ms. Williams. That tone of her voice when she described the book she's writing, the way her face lit up when we connected over both being writers. It's a conversation that will stick with me for a while, this I know. And I greatly await her book when it is in print. I will definitely buy a copy...or five. [Sigh] Creative minds are so rare to find these days.

And I mean really creative minds, not just "I wear these pants 'cause they're in style," type of creative. Serious creativity. Something that comes from the soul, something that starts as a thought and finds a home on paper, on a computer, through a block of ice, a block of clay, a tub of cement [hey, art is not picky, just make sure you finish the sculpture quick], or anything that one feels passionately about. This teacher and I both agreed that writing, for instance, is intuitive and cannot be "set aside for a certain time" as many people have suggested I do currently. It's not possible. When I get an idea, be it 12 midnight or so, I HAVE to type it up or write it down or else I go to sleep and wake up to nothing but a distant feeling of what overtook me during the night.

Writing cannot be forced. Believe me, I've tried. What results is the mind screaming at you to stop but the stubbornness of your heart is propelling your hands and fingers forward and what you come up with is dribble and ends up being deleted once your mind resurfaces and the dribble is soon replaced with something much more fitting for the scene in the book, or poem, or whatever it is one is writing. Anyone who writes for fun and sticks to it will tell you this.

The day pulls ahead -- I must edit, and edit again. Ta-ta for now, although I doubt people read this.

Stay inspired. Stay true.

Sheron Parris™

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