Monday, February 22, 2010

Fantastic News!

What I'm listening to: Spongebob Squarepants and a barking Yorkie.

So I trudged my butt to school against my greater will and I'm quite glad I did, for I ran into the lovely Ms. Williams, I mentioned in previous posts, and she told me immediately that she was throwing a Literary Reading at a Lounge near NYU. She invited me to come and read some of my stuff, advised me to create some business cards and get my name out there. Floored, heated, and heart-a-racing, I somehow managed to agree, not at all knowing what in the world I would do, what I would say, what would happen; quite naturally, I silently freaked as I'm prone to do. But just the idea that an agent (or anyone) would take interest in my work is what is propelling me forward to put my foot out there.

I may have to call forth the acting skills I've gained in Drama class to do this but the good part is, I have a month to get my manuscript copywritten, print it all out like three times over, and lay everything out. I'm excited, nervous, maybe even scared. I've never been in this kind of predicament before, don't know what to expect or anything so I'm just...[sigh]...holding it together.

Wish me luck? ;)

I'll be writing my sequel and am willing to expend a chapter or a few paragraphs of my manuscript, depending on who you are and if I deem you trustworthy. Just ask if you wanna read it. =]

Sheron Parris™

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