Monday, April 19, 2010


That is me reading my copy of Nightlight. A most lovely book which I've recently finished and loved the ending of. Oh my goodness, it's everything Twilight needed and MORE. Yes, it was hilarious, but the story really got me. Case in point: The MC [main character] grew as a character and realized "Hey I don't want a Vampire. I want a regular, geeky, teenage guy." That is realistic. And adorable.

So ladeeda, I'm going to Florida on Wednesday. At which time I won't be posting but I'll be keeping up with my Tweets via my celly cell, cell. And I'll update the moment I come back which'll be the 26th or 27th of April. I honestly can't wait. I have New Moan to finish up too. It drags on like Stephanie's Twilight, definitely, but it has it's scarce moments of hilarity. Here is a pic of New Moan:

And as far as I've gotten, I can't wait to finish it up, granted this one'll end much stupider than Nightlight as it closely follows the nuisances of Twilight, length, Vampireisms and all. Snore-fest but I'm pushing through for the sake a few chuckles.

Okay, I have to go finish up some homework, shower, and sleep. 
Then Sleep and Florida.

What I'm Listening Too: Blender - The Pretty Reckless.
(My new favorite band. Check them out!) 

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