Sunday, April 11, 2010

Slow Sunday

What I'm listening too: Firebreather - Thrice
How I Feel: Sluggish and Despondent. Oh yeah. Mentally kicking myself to do Yoga when I click "Publish Post."

I know I've neglected this blog as school consumed me as of late BUT I think the 0.01% of you that glimpse this blog shall be glad to know I've kept up my writing (of course) once school projects and papers were out of the way. [Did a Research Paper on Horror Movies and re-fell in love with Dracula (Bela Lugosi interpretation), and immediately vowed that I would do my Vampires honestly, with less superficiality, and more...grit.]
Not to say they weren't that way before, but I realize, when I was writing the first book I was so very young and only had the movies of old, and a few books that I'd picked up as my guide to vampires -- and now, well now, and many won't deny, I don't think, that my vampires are any different from what's been out there (pre-Twilight, of course). It's merely the characters and what they must go through.
If I haven't said it before, I'll say it now, my book is not set in the present, it's rather a period book. Set in the 17th or 18th century, which, I'm not entirely clear on but at the end of the day I don't believe it matters:
The quest for human perfection is as real then as it is now and that's what I think strikes with those who will read this series.
There is no hopeless romance, as the Gods know I can't stand them myself to an extent (here's to looking at you Twilight), but I'm more of an adventure, internal conflict, fall in love along the way kind of person. Not to say I won't fancy a meaningless romance here and there (not looking at you Twilight), but it just has to mean something end of the day and sad to say, not many books out there do mean anything.

Anyway, I'm super excited for the last installment of Harry Potter and I can't wait to see Part I, due out this November 19! Ahhhh. I've glimpsed an early trailer and I'm freaking out within. (I've followed that series since my mother bought it for me years ago -- I STILL read it here and there.)

And [sigh] I've nothing more to say, only that this summer I shall definitely go to task on my [first book] and work everything no matter how much it kills me. I will have a lovely query letter, synopsis, and book proposal all neat and ready to go and by betcha gee golly whiz, I will obtain an agent!

(How's that for determined, eh?)

(None of you will see the me that cries herself to sleep at night, wishing to high heavens that I had the gall to send out a query letter. But what you don't know won't hurt, right? Right?)

What I'm listening too: The Messenger - Thrice
How I feel: Better. A bit better.

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  1. I'm finishing the vampire romance I started writing five months ago that's set in the Victoria era and funny that you mention Dracula, because that is a large role in the story. There are a few good one liners, but period pieces are so difficult for me to write so I think it's awesome you write your books in both the 17th-18th centuries.

    Good luck with the queries. Network. Go to conventions if you can. I'm barely making that scene myself. I went to World Fantasy Con and met publishers, and I'm going to Romance Times. I want to go to Dragon Con and Comic Con. A lot of vampire authors go to those.

    When you start to send out, don't get discouraged. This isn't an easy industry.

    Happy Writing and Good Luck!