Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Beach, Books, And Music

I died (with laughter) upon seeing this. My word. It's hilarious.
Anyway. I just came from the beach at 12 in the morning, I know. Hey, I needed some fresh air, some writing ideas.
So I've been writing the sequel to my book and it's taking it's time forming and cultivating and all of that. (Sigh) I'm awfully tired.
(Yawn) I believe I'm off to sleep or drink a gallon-full of tea.
May update this sometime later on today with more information on my writing.
(Am soon to have a blog for my band; updates on music, lyrics, song ideas, band practices, shows we play...etc. Look out for it if you want.)

-Sheron Parris 
This is disgusting:

Am I right? Ugh.

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  1. A band! You are one talented lady. It sounds very exciting.