Sunday, July 25, 2010

Untitled Story, Authonomy, and The Strange

Okay so I love the feedback I got from my super short story, "The Butler." If you have yet to read it, you can read the original post here:
The Butler: A Short Story

Now, moving onto my next piece, this I actually hand-wrote April 21, of last year (2009). I don't have a title for it and it cannot even be called complete but I feel I should post this up if and in case I get a surge of ideas as how to expand on this.

So, without further ado, here is

Wind swept past the hollow branches of trees long forgotten in that particular part of the World. Voices of beings, ancient and grand in their silent reign over the dwellers of the Earth, whisper harshly as the skies darken and secrets threaten to be exposed to the World.
His cold eyes scanned the landscape. It was barren: the once flourishing, strong trees were now brittle, sunken. It appeared it was time.
He turned from the vast array of trees and viewed the horse that neighed nervously. The man atop the horse gripped the reigns tightly to steady his steed. "My Lord," he called. "The Duke has arrived."
The smile was thin, and it probably meant nothing, but there it was. And it would not fade. "So he has." It was a whisper. Not meant to be heard by the ears of the man atop the horse.
The dirt underneath the hooves flew like shreds of debris into the sky, and he followed their trace as they returned to Earth.

The Duke bowed low upon his entrance into the main hall and servants scurried out of the room.

That's all I have for now. Obviously, it is, like I said, greatly incomplete and I am not a fan of how I wrote everything out above, but I have realized hand-writing things on paper does not give me the freedom to write with clear, linguistic expression like typing on the computer does. So there's that.

I've no idea what this story is about yet, but it does have an air of magic to it, I believe. Whatever this man of title knows about the "time" and the "voices of the ancient beings," has me believing this could be yet another fantasy of mine, once more set in the 17th or 18th century. I'm thinking Scotland for some strange reason but who knows. Either way I'm interested in expanding upon this as well. Let's see what happens, shall we?

In other news I've been keeping up on Authonomy concerning my book: the first of an intended series, and so far I've received some great reviews. You can read the book in its entirety here: My Book. That site is addicting and I've caught myself reading, in length, some of the amazing manuscripts on there. I recommend anyone whose interesting in writing and/or reading check it out and leave some constructive criticism for the author of the book you've read. Trust me. It does one good. 

Anyway, I may post my infamous (at least to me) short story series, The Strange on this blog for I enjoy those stories more than anything I've written thus far (outside of my Vampire Series, of course), and I believe many of you may get a kick out of it. It's gory, full of delicious blood, but these characters are not Vampires...they're led by something much more. I didn't know what I was writing at the time (again, I wrote this when I was 13/15) but it appears to me that with a little brushing up here and there on The Strange and its sequel, The Unknown, I can have a nice little short story series here set in the horror/fantasy genre.

I don't believe any of the stories I shall post on this blog that I have written shall ever be called "light," by any means of the word. I relish in the dark, confusing, deadly, and macabre. That is where I feel most at home, and that is, unfortunately, where all my characters seem to end up. Too bad for them, eh?

Thanks for reading, I'm Sheron Parris, and you, you're in for some bloody times, my friend. 

6 Great Novels That Were Hated In Their Time

A must read. I'll leave it at that. 


  1. Thanks for commenting on my new story cover.
    If you want a cover done for any projects you're doing I know several people who would be willing to do so.
    Happy writing

  2. I still think you can put up a post about chapters. I'd be curious to read it if you do!
    Happy to hear that you like my posts. I try to spice them up when I am able to:)
    Happy writing,

  3. I'm getting the impression of barren moors in Winter time. And also some antagonism between your main character and the Duke. The ancient beings watch and whisper waiting to see what the men will do. Im sensing it has to do with the antagonism?

    Just my thoughts :)