Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I gotta say, Sleepy Kitty, Scribophile is the most amazing site I ever had the pleasure to join. I've already critiqued a work and the mere insight it's given me is just phenomenal. Thank you so much for the site. =]

And in my personal life, things seem to be getting weirder. A close friend had a ****ing heart attack the other day, died for a few minutes, and came back to life. I'm still trying to process that. Trying to write my sequel (I've decided to start over from the beginning -- don't worry I've kept the original draft). Trying to get my life together. Just trying to live. It's rather hard when death is everywhere I turn this year. I don't understand it.

On another, cheery note, my guitarist and I are looking for more band members. We hope to start playing some shows in December so there's that. Music calms the soul -- and gives me inspiration for my writing. =]

I'm off to write, and critique some more work on Scribophile.

Happy Writing.

Sheron Parris

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